Tesco Baby Products Review

As a parent one of the questions I ask myself frequently when shopping is, do I need to buy a brand name or is a less expensive own brand just as good?

When it comes to the stuff we use on our baby's delicate, and very new, skin, we often get even more cautious. Maybe the branded stuff is more expensive but at least everyone knows it is good, right?

In this review we're looking at three of the products from Tesco's Baby range. These are the Tesco Baby Sensitive Bath, Tesco Baby Bedtime Bath and Tesco Baby Newborn Wipes.

Are they any good? Read on to find out!

 Tesco Baby Sensitive Bath

According to the front of the bottle of Tesco Baby Sensitive Bath (500ml), it is suitable for newborns. I actually find that a bit off putting because I think why on earth do you need to use any product at all on newborns? A bit of water is absolutely the only think you should bathe a newborn in.

But I digress.

I guess what they're trying to get at is that this product is super safer to use on really sensitive skin. There's absolutely no scent in there at all, which is absolutely perfect for my husband as he reacts to any kind of perfume at all. Which means he can't even go in the bathroom if I use a scented bubble bath in my son's bath.

My son is prone to dry patches of skin, which he gets with some bath products and not others. I hate exposing him to chemicals all the time anyway, as I just never know what his skin will do. So again, this was a pretty good option. He's 7 years old, and frankly more than dirty enough to need all the extra soapy help he can get.

This bath product was perfect for both son and his dad. There's no scent to it, a slight whiff of the liquid but nothing that's at all unpleasant. It normally costs £1.88 but is on special offer until the 2nd of September. You can buy two bottles for £2.

Pros: gentle on skin, not perfumed, good cleanser

Cons: nothing really

Overall verdict: 10/10 just as good as any other baby bath product I've tried

Tesco Baby Bedtime Bath

Now of the two bath products I have to say I preferred this one. Just because actually I do like a bit of a scent to my bath and this is gorgeous. Not too strong at all. A very gentle relaxing aroma. Perfect for the end of the day routine.

Tesco Baby Bedtime Bath (500ml) isn't on special offer I'm afraid. But at £1.08 I don't think you can really go wrong. Apart from the scent, I would say that everything written about the Sensitive Bath product applies here too.

The only real difference is that this one I'd quite happily use in my own bath (and in fact have - it is soothing for mummy's too).

Pros: gentle on skin, not perfumed, good cleanser

Cons: nothing really

Overall verdict: 10/10 just as good as any other baby bath product I've tried

Tesco Baby Newborn Wipes

And finally, my favourite of the three Tesco Baby products. I know I've given them all a 10 rating, but that's because they all do the job well, are just as good (in fact indistinguisable) from leading brands, but cheaper. Ultimately though, you don't need bath products for newborns, and even for older babies you're not going to need much.

Tesco Baby Newborn Wipes (£1.36, 64 wipes in a packet) is something you do actually need. Although cotton wool and water is all you require when changing even the pooiest newborn nappy, it isn't always convenient to use cotton wool and water.

These wipes are completely fragrance free. They're absolutely moist, and have a really thick, absorbent texture. I'd say they were pretty close to the similar wipes in the Huggies range. On the package it says that they're as mild as cotton wool and water. I gave some to a friend to try out, who had a baby just six weeks ago. Her verdict? "I need sleep. Now. Oh you mean on the wipes? Great stuff, really mild. I liked them.".

Pros: thick texture, really moist, very mild

Cons: nothing really

Overall verdict: 10/10 handy for keeping in your change bag when you're out and can't use cotton wool and water. Or are just so tired you can't be bothered to faff about.


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