Sock-Ons Review

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Sock Ons are a genius invention that you can't live without, if you have a baby.

Available from Amazon* for £2.50, they're basically cleverly-designed little bits of fabric that you pop on your baby's feet over the top of their socks, to stop their socks from getting wriggled off.

Billed as "a simple yet highly effective solution to the problem of keeping socks on", they work around a design that means that if the sock is pulled from the toes by inquisitive little fingers, the sock gets 'locked' into the hole around the heel.

Sock Ons have achieved international acclaim, being featured in all sorts of magazines and baby gear sites as essential must-haves, and they look pretty cute and funky too.

Best of all, they actually work. I've lost count of the number of socks we lost before we used these, and I used to find it virtually impossible to keep my baby's feet warm since she always seemed to find a way to wriggle out of her socks. Not anymore. No more lost socks. No more cold feet. Yay!

These make a great cute but practical baby gift too.

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