Safe Dreams Cot Wrap Review

Cot-Wrap-1 The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap makes a lovely, decorative addition to your baby's cot, but it also has a practical side too. And that's what I was very interested in when I first read about it.

There's nothing lovelier or sweeter than a sleeping baby. Especially if it has just taken you the better part of an hour (or three) to get them that way. I remember going to enormous lengths to make sure that my son stayed asleep as well. During a period of time where he was being a really light sleeper, I sat downstairs watching TV with the subtitles on and the volume on mute.

So I could relate to PlayPennies mum Emily. She volunteered to test and review the Safe Dreams Cot Wrap (£24.99 for the two sided version and £29.99 for the four sided).

Her one year old baby daughter has started to become a really active sleeper. She found that quite often her daughter was being woken up because she'd trapped an arm or leg in the bars of the cot.

"At the time, I was using a cot bumper which my sister gave me, but it only really was for the head of the cot, and extended a little bit down the sides. Seeing how active my baby was getting, I thought I really needed something that went the whole way round the cot."

What Emily wanted was something to prevent these accidents, and to make baby more comfortable during the night, giving her (and therefore mum) a better night's sleep.

Safe Dreams Cot Wrap Four SidedThe Cot Wrap uses what Safe Dreams calls Softbreathe fabric with an inner surface that's 100% cotton. This is, according to the site, easy to breathe through.

It doesn't use ties or strings to attach to the cot, but is secured with Velcro. Emily's first impression was good. "When I took it out of the packaging, I immediately noticed that the Safedreams cot bumper was made from a really soft padded fabric, and felt good to touch."

Getting it set up wasn't as straightforward as you might think. "I read the instructions that came with the cot bumper, and I'll admit I was a little confused as to exactly which bars I should feed the fabric through. But I jumped in, started threading it through the cot bars, and gave it a try."

However, Emily got half way round the cot and realised that she had done it slightly wrong,  as nothing was left to cover the head of the bed. "But it only took a few seconds to unthread the Safedreams cot bumper, and start againThe velcro was easy to attach, and it was simple to position the cot bumper where I wanted it."

Although the Cot Wrap seems fairly straightforward to use, it is always nice to see a product in action. There's a video on the front page of the website that you can watch.

Emily has been using the Safe Dreams Cot Wrap for some months now. She often finds her daughter with her head against the sides or ends of the cot. "If the cot bumper wasn't there, she'd probably be waking up with dents in her face from sleeping against the bars. I'd highly recommend the Safe Dreams cot bumper for those of you with active babies."

And Finally ...

You can buy the Safe Dreams Cot Wrap from their website, Delivery costs £3.49. There is also a list of stockists on the website, although there's a note to say that pink and blue products sold by stockists aren't the new Safebreathe ones. If you do buy from instore it might be worth checking that.

The Cot Wrap is suitable for cots and for cot beds. It comes in three colours, ivory, pink and blue. Parents will be happy to know that it can be machine washed. The website also describes it as quick drying - presumably the breathable fabric helps there.

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