Review: Boom Boom Baby Learning


This is one product that I’ve had on review for quite a while. The thing is, you can’t really tell if this kind of product works unless you use it consistently for an extended period of time and I was determined to get the best possible value out of it.

boomSo, what am I blathering about? I’m talking about the Baby Boom Boom range of multi-lingual CDs that have been designed to help teach your child a foreign language. Available in combinations of English and French, Spanish, German, Polish  and Italian, they feature songs and rhymes in both languages to help your child develop an affinity with another language.

I was sent the English and French CD that was packed with songs and rhymes. The timing was perfect - just in time for the long drives I had to endure while I moved house with a bored toddler strapped in the back.  The CD kit includes the CD (yeah, yeah) and a booklet that has all the words, in both languages, written out so you can follow along.

You get Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald, Five Little Ducks, This Little Piggy, Itsy Bitsy Spider and so forth and so on. You will probably be singing along in no time at all. My husband was extremely sceptical at first. He hated the idea of nursery rhymes blaring out of the speakers for two hours.

french-babySoon, however, he was a convert. Seriously! He had me reading through the words in the booklet to confirm his own – he was practising his French at the same time – and made me stop the CD every now and again to help our daughter with a translation.

Tabs was a little on the bewildered side at first. She asked me why the lady was talking funny and then laughed at some of the sounds. Once I’d explained to her that it was the same song but in a language from another country, though, she got into the experience and soon started to sing some of the words.

After several journeys I can say that I picked up some of the words myself but I think that’s largely due to being ordered to read them so hubby can test his knowledge. My daughter is managing some of the words to the French songs but I can’t swear that she actually understands their meaning.

boom2The website has quite a few different products available and you can even get a Baby Band Bag that has the CD in the language of your choice, plus a drum, a rainbow shaker, a fishy shake shake and a cage bell. I like the idea of this kit a lot – it makes singing along and listening a little more interactive.

And Finally

I think that these products, if used in conjunction with reading or speaking in the relevant language, would work a charm. On their own I cannot attest to their being a miracle worker but as part of a system they are definitely worth the money. Not much more expensive than a DVD or music CD, they sit at £9.99 and that excludes P&P.


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