Real Nappy Week Deals @ Friendly Baby

27 April 2010

nappy There are many parents that believe in the planet-saving wonder that are cloth nappies so this deal will make them very pleased indeed. Friendly Baby have created some really good deals in honour of Real Nappy Week with up to 50% off many items.

Cloth nappies are expensive. They cost a fair bit to set up and this can often put people off. That and having to wash yucky nappies, of course. But if you look at the long-term costs versus disposable nappies they really work out in favour of your bank account and there are many ways of keeping them clean without it being too much of a mission.

Not only that, but you won’t be contributing to the horrific landfill problem that disposable nappies do. Many of the prices that you can see on the site are excellent but probably won’t last very long so get yourself on there if you’re expecting and want to go natural.

nappy2Tots Bots are one of the leading brands in the cloth nappy world and their Bamboozle range is especially good. Made from one of the best renewable sources in the world, bamboo, they are soft, comfy and easy to clean. These are all marked down to as little as £2.

Thanks to wilmund at HUKD!

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