Hello My Little Munchkin Grippy Dots (Review!)

After the awesome response to my feature on bath safety and the comments on about the Munchkin Grippy Dots I decided to get some for myself and see what they were like. My daughter is not quite the right age, she is five, to fully appreciate their awesomeness but they still give her the same safety as they do a baby. And me…

Our bath is a slippery dude, as are most baths I guess, and we’ve been pretty lax in putting some kind of bath mat in there for when we shower. I’ve already wiped out twice! So, it was a huge amount of excitement that I whipped my Munchkin Grippy Dots out of their bag and proceeded to smack them down onto the bottom of the bath.

The Grippy Dots come in a huge variety of different colours and are covered in smaller dots that are slightly darker in colour and rough edged for that, well, gripping thing. The suction cups on the base are excellent. I pressed them down and they stuck like glue, I threw them at the sides of the bath and they stuck like glue, and I dropped them down and they stuck… You get the idea.

One of the Munchkin Grippy dots in each pack has a special temperature feature so if the water is too hot for baby, then the word HOT will appear on the dot. This is not applicable for parents by the way so don’t make my mistake and end up getting into a lukewarm bath. Urgh.

My daughter loves the dots. She sits on one and plays with the others. They have become the new multipurpose bathroom toy. You can get them at most retailers and the Munchkin Grippy Dots are selling on Amazon at and Tesco for around £7.95.

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  • emmajk42
    Approval from me too - I also have these in my bath for my 1 year old todder. They're really great, super sticky, safe, colourful - well worth the money. :3

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