Microwave Steam Steriliser £13.33 @ Boots

Microwave Steam Steriliser £13.33 @ Boots

PsteamNew parents will love the price of this Boots branded microwave steam steriliser that includes two bottles and a brush. These doodads are very useful for keeping bottles nice and sterile for baby and I was a fan of the Boots range of bottles for my daughter too.

Steam sterilisation is one of the best ways to protect your child from harmful bacteria and germs so it’s fab that this gizmo can just pop into your microwave and it’s done. I have no idea how our foremothers coped, I honestly don’t...

The unit has a built-in steam release vent that will allow excess steam to escape during the cycle so you won’t get steam cooked when you open it when it is done cooking. We owned this exact same unit for our child and it was a doddle to handle and was really not time consuming at all. Psteam2

This set has been marked down from £19.99 so you save almost £7 and the included bottles and brush make it a real bargain. The only downside is that we found that the Boots bottles soon lost their measurement markings. They steamed off pretty quickly so we had to guess the amount of milk!

Thanks to gazza76 at HUKD!


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