Jackson Reese Flushable Wipes Review

2 September 2010


I recently reviewed the flushable wipes that I got from Method and really enjoyed them. The only downside was that they got dry quite quickly and the top didn’t reseal very well. Now I’ve just had the chance to play around with the Jackson Reece flushable wipes and I must say that I really like them too.

To start with, the pack that they come in is degradable. That’s just fab. And the wipes themselves are made from entirely organic ingredients so they’re gentle on your hands and skin. At first I thought these were also for cleaning the loo so it’s a good thing I opened them up.

Anyway! The Jackson Reece flushable wipes are just lovely if you don’t like the idea of using scary chemicals on your baby’s bottom. They have Tea Tree oil, aloe vera and lavender in them and they are free from alcohol, lanolin and parabens. I suffer from excema on my hands and I noticed a difference pretty quickly after using these. My daughter has very sensitive skin and these didn't affect her the way other brands sometimes do.

These flushable wipes will completely degrade within eight days of being whisked down the loo and are made from 99% vegetable or plant extracts, including the preservatives. Am rather curious as to what that missing 1% is made of though.

untitledThey are, however, a bit of a nightmare to haul out of the packet. I had to wrestle the first one out of there with both hands. A no-no for the mum covered in poo. But boy do they smell yummy. Seriously, I could sniff them all day.

While the Jackson Reece flushable wipes are not easy to snatch in an emergency, and they cost 92p for a pack of 10 (ouch!), they are really luxurious, soft and environmentally friendly.

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