Jackson Reece Wipes Review

wipesJackson Reece wipes are quite expensive at around £2 per pack  of 72 wipes, but they are really the Ferrari of wipes in my opinion. I recently reviewed the Jackson Reece Flushable wipes and felt that they really did cut the mustard, and these are no different.

First off, these smell fantastic which is always a good thing. Have you ever accidentally bought cheap perfumed wipes and almost gagged when you opened the packet? Yeah, these won’t do that to you, they are quite luscious.

The second thing that really impresses me with the Jackson Reece range is the fact that the packaging is degradable. They are packed full of great organic, good-for-the-environment stuff which is a nice change. Usually I’m quite worried about all the bad stuff in children’s products so these really do take a load off my mind.

jacksonreeceherbalwipes I know at least one other mother who’s told me she is happier to use them on messy hands and mouths, as well as bums, because of their gentle organic properties and natural ingredients.

Jackson Reece baby wipes are marketed as being gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and there are testimonials to that effect on their website. So these wipes pretty much tick all the boxes for me. There are, however, a couple of practical issues.

They’re not that easy to find if you’re in the mood for stocking up. If you do all your child-related shopping in Boots picturethen you’re going to need to look elsewhere to fix your Jackson Reece addiction. This can be a bit of a pain for a busy mother.

Like the flushable wipes, these also stick together and come out of the packaging in clumps. This is particularly frustrating in light of the cost and when you’re trying to restrain a wriggling child.

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  • Luschka C.
    I adore these wipes - they're a little thicker than normal so I find you use less, helping with the cost. They are just so flipping hard to find!

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