Hamster Buggy Bag Review

23 July 2010

Hamster Buggy Bag 1 Every so often an invention comes along that seem so obvious it is hard to believe that no-one has thought of it before. The Hamster Buggy Bag is one of those. This bag clips onto the bar running down the side of most lightweight strollers. According to the website the Hamster Buggy Bag will take a lot of shopping, or all your baby/toddler essentials, without leaving the stroller in danger of toppling backwards. The bag is the brainchild of a lovely sounding couple called Philip and Lara.

I had a stroller that was a bit gimmicky, in that it was more a sort of 'style' statement than a pushchair. As a first time mum I had NO idea how indispensable my buggy was going to be as a workhorse. Or how much I wasHamster Buggy Bag 3 going to have to carry about on it. In retrospect I would recommend that all mums wait to buy the stroller until their baby is ready for it, so that by then you've got a much better idea of how much you need to carry.

So there I was lumbered for the longest time with a pushchair on which you could not put plastic carrier bags on the handles. Yes that's right! How useless is that? Luckily I managed to find some hooks that clipped onto the handle bar and onto which I could hang the shopping bags. But they were very prone to slipping off.

Hamster Buggy Bag ClipsWith the Hamster Pannier Buggy Bag, there are clips to secure it down the side of the pushchair. In fact there's a video showing how this works on the front page of the website. One little touch that I know any mum will appreciate is there's a little side, zipped pocked on there. So you've got somewhere to keep your bus pass, purse, keys, and iPod to hand. Ha, iPod! How often do mothers of toddlers and babies get to listen to music? Still it is nice to know it is there if needed.

I had to see how this works for myself, so we got PlayPennies mum Tamsin to try it out. She loved it. "The Hamster Buggy Bag fits on my buggy, and it is nice. I really like the colour, and was impressed with how much it held. It folds up into its own pocket, which is tiny at 18cm. This is much appreciated as I can just throw it in the basket at the bottom of the buggy and carry it about with me everywhere, as you never really know when you'll need it."Hamster Buggy Bag 4

It wasn't all rosy when it came to the shopping though. "Unfortunately the Hamster Buggy Bag wasn't big enough for cereal boxes. So I did end up having to use some plastic carrier bags after all. However that's the only down side."

Mum Melanie found she managed to get all her shopping in the bag. "It was great. I always feel guilty about having to use a plastic carrier bag at all. So this was handy."

Hamster Buggy Bag 5Melanie uses the bus a lot and this was one area where she felt it might be a problem. "For short journeys I always use the bus. With just one bag on, and with it full of shopping, the width of the pushchair widened considerably. I was only just able to manoeuvre it into place on the Hopper Bus I use to the supermarket. I can see that this might be a problem if I had two bags on each side, and there was already another buggy in the slot. I would definitely have to take the bags off. I am not sure I'd find it easy to unclip two heavy bags, while on a moving bus!"

And finally

Hamster Buggy Bag 2Would our mums recommend the bag? Tamsin said she would "definitely recommend this to mums. It is really practical and it looks fantastic too!". Melanie concurs "It's fairly stylish but unlike some of the style over substance stuff it has a practical use too. I'd quite likely consider buying it as a present too for new parents."

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