Cuddledry Colour Changing Bathmat Review

I love things that change colour or glow in the dark. Clearly this is something I’ve never grown out of! Anyway, you can imagine my excitement when I got a Cuddledry colour changing bathmatto review. I think I was more excited than my daughter, the real target market.

To start with the mat comes packaged in lovely packaging that is brilliant to use as storage for other items like towels or, as I do, duvet sets. The bathmat is predominantly green in colour and doesn’t have a non-slip base. As we have a tiled bathroom floor, this was a problem for me. I dislike risking my neck.

So, the solution was to place the Cuddledry colour changing bathmat on top of my usual bathmat. It worked a treat. As do the colours. The bathmat changes from the aqua green into bright neon yellow with body heat. When my daughter got out the bath and saw her footprints magically appear, well, that was IT. She was beyond excited.

Cue many hours of her wetting her hands in the sink and making handprints, shapes and even doing writing on the Cuddledry colour changing bathmat. The colour changing is, I can assure you, very cool indeed.

The mat also washes up a treat. No mess and no fuss. You don’t need special temperatures or washing powders. Just stick it in and go. This got high marks in my book.

There are only three things I found to be a problem with the Cuddledry colour changing bathmat. The first is the lack of grip for slippery floors. The second is the price - £19.99 is steep, even with the cool factor. And finally, I never, ever got a footprint like the one in the picture. Water slops everywhere when you get out…

Would I get these? Yes. They are enormous fun, last for ages and ages, wash well and would be astonishingly brilliant gifts.

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