Cheeky Wipes Review

I’ve written plenty of reviews on different cloth and reusable nappies in the past, but something it’s taken me two years to get to is reusable wipes and I'm finally decided on Cheeky Wipes.

Did you know that it’s believed that every wet wipe ever used is still lying in landfill? According to an article in the Ecologist in 2008, based on North American statistics, all the wipes bought there in just one year would fill 9,000 18-wheel trucks, stretching 68 miles, carrying 83,000 tonnes.  I can’t find any statistics for the UK, but I can’t imagine it’s too different, with adjustments for population size and so on.

So, I’ve been looking for reuseable wet wipes for a while now, and have finally found something I love. While I’m sure this could easily be made at home, I’m not that crunchy, and was happy to hand over the £30 for the all-in-one kit from Cheeky Wipes that includes 25 gorgeously soft terry towelling cloth baby wipes, a pop-top ‘fresh baby wipes’ container,  and another ‘mucky baby wipes’ container with a mesh bag insert, a fresh baby wipes out and about waterproof bag,  mucky baby wipes waterproof out and about bag with a mesh bag insert, a bottle of Lavender & Chamomile fresh baby wipes essential oil blend and a bottle of Tea Tree and Lemon mucky baby wipes essential oil blend.

The concept is really simple. You have two containers filled with water and essential oil. One has clean wipes in, the other dirty. In the dirty wipes container you have a mesh bag which you can pop out and pop your wipes like that into the washing machine, and dispose of the dirty water down the toilet.

The same goes for the ‘out and about’ kit – they’re waterproof – we’ve had no leaks, and when you get home you separate the mesh inside from the waterproof outside, wipe out the outside and put the mesh bag in your washing machine, so there’s no need to fiddle about with dirty wipes.

The wipes are only 15cmx15cm so they don’t take up much space in your wash, and the essential oils keep all smells under control.

Out the machine you don’t have to wait for the Cheeky Wipes to dry as they just go in fresh water back in the clean wipes container and you’re set to start again.

You save a fortune on wet wipes, your baby’s delicate skin is free from horrible chemicals, you’re freeing up space in landfills and you’ll never run out of wipes in the middle of the night.  Fabulous.

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