BrotherMax Milk Powder Dispenser Review

13 September 2010


I bought the Brothermax Milk Powder Dispenser a few months ago, when my baby was born, and I have been using it ever since. When I was buying it, there seemed to be quite a few to choose from on Amazon, and I really had no idea what made one better than any of the others. I was looking for one with 3 compartments, and this fitted the bill, so I whipped out the credit card and made my purchase.

The Brothermax milk powder dispenser is nice and small, compact, a good size to pop in my baby bag.

It comes in 3 parts - the outer red layer, a twisty orange bit for the milk powder, and the lid. To dispense the milk powder, you rotate the lid (which rotates the inside compartments) to the funnel, and just pour the powder out of the funnel. It's pretty simple.

At the minute, my baby is taking 180ml bottles, so I am putting 6 scoops into each compartment, and they are getting quite full. I tested it out to see how many scoops of milk powder could fit in there, and I could get 8 scoops in comfortably.

Brothermax2The dispenser came with a sort of funnel thingy, which I will admit that I have only used twice. It sits over the top of the open dispenser, and makes sure you don't spill all the powder into the wrong compartments, or on your kitchen worktop. But I found the compartment sizes fine, I didn't really need to use the funnel.

The Brothermax dispenser has never leaked, the lid seals firmly in place.

It's diswasher safe, so I pop it in there from time to time.

You do have to be careful with the powder and the whole spinning thing though. If you are not careful, a little bit of powder may be in the funnel part, and when you swivel the inside, it means you would have your proportions wrong. When I am filling the Brothermax dispenser, I make sure that the funnel is blocked by one of the dispenser walls, so I don't encounter that prodblem.

I've also got some of these Brothermax combi bibs, which I will be reviewing at a later date.

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