Boots Baby Bath Range Review

Boots Baby Bath Range Boots do a range of baby bath products. Yes, I know, that's hardly earth shattering news. But how often have you bought or tried one of the many ranges of baby bath products that are out there? If you're like me then it was pretty much never unless you got a sample first. There's just such a lot of them, and do they work? What are they like to use? You don't want to spend the months your child is a baby trying them all out.

Which is why PlayPennies likes to review these products, so you can learn from our parents' experience. I was given a few items from the Boots Bath range, and gave them to our PlayPennies parent Julia to try out. Julia has a baby girl aged 6 months, and a daughter of 5 years.

Whale bath thermometerBoots Whale Bath Thermometer

I always liked having the back up of a thermometer for my son's bath when he was a baby. Ultimately I always used my own elbow test, but when you're rushing as a sleep deprived parent you don't always feel able to rely on your own judgement. What I really liked about this Boots Whale bath thermometer3.99) is that it looks great, and is fun for the baby to play with. As Julia points out it "also doubles as toy/killer whale/ evil fish/ parent hand saver." While she thought it was easy to read, and excellent value at that price, she wasn't so pleased with the performance. "Isn't exactly accurate, has said fairly hot water is OK if I am honest but it does the job just fine.

Baby Sensitive OilBoots Baby Sensitive Oil

My son had a ton of cradle cap. More than any other baby I know. It was really hard to shift too. We used to lather him in olive oil. So for any parent in the same predicament, anything that claims to help is a good thing. This is one of the attributes of the Boots Baby Sensitive Oil (300ml, £2.03).

Julia's baby daughter hasn't had that problem, but she still found it useful on the scalp. Where it really worked for her though was with her five year old daughter. "I massaged her with it after every bath" Julia explains, "and she says to me 'is so laxing mummy', which is so cute."

Julia found that it absorbs fast. "A few seconds after you've applied it you won't notice it on your hands and it smells amazing. Gets 100% of my points as possibly best baby oil I've ever used."

So a definite thumbs up then! I think I might just want to try this myself.

Baby Sensitive Moisturising BathBoots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Bath

The Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Bath (400ml, £2.03) is sensitive enough to use on newborn skin. Although I wouldn't myself as newborn babies don't need anything other than water for cleaning.

Once they get to six months though, and have started on solids, you'll find a little more than water comes in handy for getting the tomato sauce off the back of their heads. Julia says "I use a bubble bath, something gentle, maybe once a week. Most of the time it is still just water that's all that's needed. Of course my five year old needs a lot more cleaning than that. I used this bath cream for both of them. I loved the way the water goes all creamy when it is used as a bubble bath. And it cleans well." She found it washed paint off arms and mud off toes easily. Her daughter loved the smell, and Julia liked the stiff lid, which "made it easy to transport on holiday. It came to Cornwall with us and didn't leak."

Baby Sensitive Moisturising LotionBoots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Lotion

Just as I was thinking that Boots weren't going to do anything wrong, Julia found a product she wasn't so keen on. The Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Lotion (400ml, £2.03) is suitable for the daily moisturising of sensitive and dry skin conditions.

"This was not my hero if I am honest," says Julia.  "The lotion felt greasy aftewards and stuck in between my figners, and my hands felt oily." Even after application, Julia said that skin still felt dry. Her 5 year old daughter didn't like it particularly much either. Which is a shame as all the other products in this range that Julia tried were excellent.

The only positive she had for the moisture lotion was that it smelled nice. And the price. But as a lotion, it didn't work for her.

And finally ...

Overall, the oil was a clear winner for Julia. The one truly stand out product in the batch. " I can't tell you how much we enjoy sitting in my daughter's room, me rubbing her arms, legs and back with oil and catching up on our day. Is lovely."

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