Beanstalk My First Laptop £11.99 @ Argos

10 July 2010

laptop I am definitely an advocate of getting kids involved with computers from a young age. I think that, in moderation, it can really give them a boost on the educational ladder and give them the right skills for school. This is one of the junior laptops for only £11.99 at Argos.

This talking computer contains 35 fun activities to help them learn the wonders of letters, first words, numbers, maths, logic, music, language and games. It guides your children, includes missions to help them learn and includes a detachable computer mouse. It also needs three AA batteries that are not included.

However, no matter how wonderful this laptop sounds I must confess that it is not that great. Well, I didn’t find it that great. I bought a similar one from Vtech and I was extremely annoyed by the miniscule screen with pre-1980s graphics on it.

laptop2I understand that you need to cut back on certain features to keep the price down, but to have a tiny screen that’s only visible under specific light conditions is ridiculous. You’ll strain their eyesight!

So, unless you are giving it as an emergency gift or really have your heart set on one of these, I would recommend you just invest in a child-sized mouse and keyboard for your standard PC/laptop instead.

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD!

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  • saf
    I totally agree..why do they make laptops where the kids can't see the screen! Children like colour, shapes, characters etc that look decent..

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