Beaba Babycook Steamer And Blender Review

12 February 2011

Beaba Babycook Steamer and Blender Green Sometimes I look back at the things I bought when I had my son and I wonder what on earth I was thinking. The Beaba Babycook Steamer and Blender isn't one of those though. Even though it was one of my more expensive purchases. I think I got it on sale though, as I don't remember paying more than £60 for it. The best price I could find as I wrote this was £89.95 including delivery from John Lewis.

The thing is though, I am not the sort of person who has kitchen gadgets. I love cooking, and I hate trans fats and e-numbers, not to mention preservatives and additives. So I do prefer to cook as much as possible from scratch. But I don't have a microwave, or a blender, or a food processor. Vegetables are steamed on a pot on the stove.

So when it came to weaning my son, I wanted something that was small, and would do everything from cooking to puréeing. Which is why I chose the Beaba Babycook Steamer and Blender. That it's nicely designed and looks pretty good sitting on the kitchen counter is also a nice plus.

I did use it too. On a daily basis, several times a day from the time he started on solids while he was still eating puréed food. I continued using it right up until he was about three I think before I finally put it away in its box. The defrost function was exceptionally useful as we don't have a microwave. Working full time in an office, as I was then, I could cook all his meals for the week at once and freeze them. Then just defrost and heat up till it was piping hot using the Babycook.

Beaba Babycook Steamer and Blender Food

It isn't perfect though. I found that the guidelines in the booklet that comes with it for defrosting weren't always accurate. It usually took about twice as long as stated in the booklet. After a while you pretty much know down pat how long it takes for various types of foods.

The bowl of the Beaba Babycook Blender wore out quicker than I'd have expected. Although it was still perfectly usuable by the time I stopped using the Babycook, it was scratched considerably, especially around where the blades turn. At this price, I think I'd prefer the bowl to be more robust.

Also I would have liked an indicator on there of any kind, so that you can see just how much water you have put in the Babycook. When you're bleary with sleep deprivation, it is surprisingly easy to fill the Babycook up with water, forget you've done so, and immediately do it again.

The Beaba Babycook Blender blades are easy to remove for cleaning. The basket for the steamer sits on top of the water and is just the right size to hold enough potato to make one portion of mashed potatoes for a toddler. If you're defrosting or reheating you need to put the food in a container inside the steamer. My advice is to make sure you've got a container that fits - isn't too high or two wide. And that you remember to freeze foods in containers that will fit too!

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