Bath Tap Head Cover Review

17 February 2011

Bath Tap Head Cover

I just had no idea what I'd need and what I wouldn't need when I had my son. When it came to safety equipment, I probably bought just about everything. Including this Bath Tap Head Cover 6.99).

The product description makes for a pretty good sell. It says "don't forget the hot taps. If little people touch the taps, even when turned off they can be very hot and give a nasty shock."

Other adverts for similar types of bath tap covers played on the bath accident angle, conjuring up images of your poor baby pitching forward and landing head first on that hard, metal water spout or the edges of the taps.

So of course I bought one. I selected the Bath Tap Head Cover because it was pictured covering exactly the sort of bath fixture we have, and also because it  covered both the taps and the spout.

Inflatable bath spoutThe cover inflates and the website blurb even suggests that you can use it as a headrest when enjoying " one of those lovely soaks in the bath". Ha ha. Like busy mums of babies and toddlers have time for one of those!

The cover never did fit over the taps and spout. I could get it comfortably over one tap and the spout, but it always sat lopsided on the fixture.  I can only assume that despite appearances, my fixture was much larger than the one in the picture. That said, it is a bog standard bath fitting from B&Q so I'm not too sure why it wouldn't fit.

My son was fascinated by the cover, and would immediately try to play with it. I was forever trying to keep him from pulling at the cover.

After about two weeks, it developed a leak. It wouldn't blow up tautly, and quickly deflated by the time we'd got through the bath. So I stopped using it.

My son stopped wanting to go down the tap end of the bath, now that the 'toy' was gone. Just like the adverts warned though, he did indeed head down there once and touched the hot tap (it wasn't that hot, I'd tested it). That was a surprise for him, and he never showed an inclination to touch it again.

As for my fears about him pitching head first on the fitting. What was I thinking? I never left his side when he was in the bath! Even when he stood up, so we could wash down his legs or so he could stomp in the water, I was right there with arm outstretched to stop him tumbling. And since he was at the furtherest end of the bath from the taps, he wouldn't have hit them anyway if he had fallen over.

My final verdict? This was a total waste of £6.99 plus postage and packing.

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