Baby Weavers Buddy Ride On Board @

Baby Weavers Buddy Ride On Board @

buggyboard1It came as a total shock when, researching for this article, I discovered just how expensive buggy boards are. This model is a bargain then at £29.99 (reduced down from £59.99).

A buggy board is a wheeled device that clips onto the back of a pushchair. When an older child is tired, they can stand on the board and be pushed around, while their younger sibling is comfortably sitting in the pushchair. With just the one child, I’ve never needed one. But I know how essential a buggy board has been for others. Many of my friends swear by theirs. It can be a matter of taste though. At least one person I know only used hers a couple of times. She found it too awkward to lean around the child to push the chair.

BuggyBoardThe Baby Weavers Buddy Ride On Board is suitable for children aged from 2 to 6 years, or up to 30kg. It fits most umbrella folding pushchairs and A-fold pushchairs with more upright rear legs.

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