Baby Boom Discovery Box @ Hotel Chocolat

chocolat Yum, what every new mum and dad need, a delicious gift set that has a ton of delicious chocolates for them to enjoy. Down from £18 to only £12.60 at Hotel Chocolat, this is a sensational parent pampering deal for the month of love.

The set includes white and caramel batons, an iconic slab box, a white strawberry slab box and a delightful little bib (not in chocolate) for the new baby. It really is a baby gift with a difference, many new parents would far prefer a box of edible scrummies than yet another blanket or soft toy.

After all, it’s the parents that have to stay awake at all hours to wait on the newborn so they’re the ones who’rchocolat2e going to need that sugar rush. I can guarantee you that most new parents will thank you for this from the bottom of their exhausted (but elated) hearts.

The entire kit comes in a lovely box and you will still have to fork out extra for the various delivery options. Hey, if nobody buys it for you, why not get it for yourself? Enjoy the indulgence...

Thanks to Andy1406 at HUKD!


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