The Avant Baby Buggy Organiser Review

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The Avant Baby Buggy Organiser (priced at £9.99 - you can get one from Amazon*) is one of those fab little products that you wonder how you ever lived without.

Do you need a place to keep all your essentials organised and in easy reach when you’re out with your pram / pushchair? Or have you ever struggled to push an unwieldy buggy with one hand whilst slurping on a cold drink on a hot day? Or wished for a cup holder for a much-needed cup of coffee?  Longed for somewhere handy to stash your purse or keys while your wrestle a toddler in or out of the pushchair?

I bet I'm not the only parent who has accidentally dropped and smashed more than one expensive mobile phone because it was perched on the hood of the buggy for ease of access, either.

The Avant Baby Buggy Organiser was seemingly invented to solve all those problems. In only wish I'd thought to invent it!

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The premise is fantastically simple. It's just a handy little pouch with adjustable velcro straps so you can attach it quickly and easily to the handles of any buggy. It doesn't matter whether your buggy has a single handlebar or two handles; you just position the pouch where you want it and attach the velcro fastening accordingly. It's quick and easy to set up and you can move it from one buggy to another easily if you have a buggy for everyday use and a second one for walks and / or rougher terrain. 

That also makes this great value for money. If you go on holiday or visit relatives and take a lightweight holiday buggy with you, you can detach this Buggy Organiser, take it with you, and simply re-attach it to its temporary home.

Inside is a zipped pocket for your valuables, two cup holders - insulated ones, no less - and a large centre for stashing snacks or other essentials that you don't want to stow away out of reach in your nappy bag or in the basket underneath the buggy.

It can also be used as organiser to hang on the back of car seats, and it's fully washable.

To be completely honest, this isn't the sort of product I would have sought out to purchase, but the minute I attached it to my buggy I wondered how I'd managed without it.

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I've often thought about buying a cup holder for my buggy but they're insanely expensive and they only solve one particular problem, whereas the Avant Baby Buggy Organiser gives me  somewhere to stash my drink and somewhere to pop all the other things that I need to have close at hand when out and about with the buggy, too. A cup holder can't do that.

I really like that this provides two cup holders, too, so my other half also has somewhere to stash his coffee if we're all out for a walk as a family and grab take-away drinks as we often do. It works too; I've popped a take-away coffee in there and pushed the buggy over rough terrain without any spillages.

Alternatively I can pop a drink in there for the kids when I nip to the school gates with the buggy, and it doesn't require me to push the buggy one-handed or for the kids to go rummaging around in the nappy bag every time they want a sip of water.

I like the zipped pocket for valuables too; I obviously wouldn't leave my possessions unattended in there, particularly not if the buggy was out of sight, but I feel better about popping my phone in there while I push my littles ones on the swings, rather than precariously balancing the phone on the buggy hood as I've done - with disastrous consequences - many times before.

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There's enough room in the Avant Baby Buggy Organiser for pretty much everything you can need close at hand too; you're not limited to a phone pocket or a cup holder. You can even stash a small nappy bag in there so that you don't need to lug the kitchen sink with you if you're just popping out for a short while.

Pros: The Avant Baby Buggy Organiser is a brilliant solution to the problem of where to stash your valuables and the items you most need close at-hand when you're out with the buggy. Don't bother with a pricy cup-holder; this does all that and more, plus you can switch it between buggies when you go on hols or whenever you use a different buggy.

Cons: None that we could find. I guess over time the velcro straps might suffer a little bit of wear and tear, particularly if you switch this back and forth between buggies on a regular basis but at £9.99 I think that's reasonable. And if that's the case, it might be best to invest in one for each buggy.

Overall verdict: I love the Avant Baby Buggy Organiser and think it represents brilliant value for money. I love that I no longer have to think twice about grabbing a coffee treat when I'm out for a walk because there's nowhere to stash it safely when I need my hands free. It's no exaggeration to say that having somewhere not just handy but also safe to pop my keys, purse, phone and other essential baby bits when out and about has made the usually stressful moments (I'm thinking of you, School Run) of life so much calmer and less frenzied.

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