Celebaby: Holly Williams Is Expecting Her First Baby

15 May 2014

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Image credit: Twitter/HollyWilliams

Er, what do you mean you've never heard of Holly Williams?

She's a crooner from the US of A, and she's expecting her first baby. And yes, I realise that's probably not all that interesting if you've no idea who she is. But, people, CHECK OUT HER BABY BUMP SELFIE.

I had to make her today's Celebaby star purely on the basis of that pic. It's not your average celeb version of 'We're having a baby' is it?

Along with that kerazy pic, Holly wrote:

"@colemantime caught this of me this morning. Think I felt my first kick & I'm not talking about the BB gun!"

Nope, I don't really know what she's talking about either but good gracious me, I wish I had looked that stupendous during pregnancy. (Minus the firearm.)

People magazine reports:

"It’s another five months before singer Holly Williams‘s first child is due to arrive, but the new addition is already a peacemaker."

“'My husband [Chris Coleman] and I are traveling all the time and we have very stressful schedules, but if we start getting in a little tiff, we’re both like, ‘Wait, can the baby hear us right now? We can’t do this!’' the singer, 33, tells PEOPLE exclusively."

I don't think I was ever that selfless during any of my pregnancies, and I'm pretty sure my third baby never jumps when I yell at her brothers because she was bored to tears of listening to that noise in utero for nine long months.

What about you? Did you take such things into account when you had a baby on board? Were you one of those parents who read to their unborn baby every night and played them classical music, or did you count it as a pretty good day if no-one swore in front of the baby bump?

What do you think?

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