Festive Piñatas

8 December 2010

pinata The Christmas holidays are looming, the kids will be off school and driving you mad asking when Santa's coming every five minutes.

So here's a little idea which will keep them occupied and is something for you to do together - make your own festive Piñata!

The full instructions are HERE and you can simply replace the shape ideas shown here with Christmas tree or snowman shapes.

If you've got a December baby, and are throwing a kiddies party, then a festive Piñata will fit in rather nicely.

If you can't bear to bash the living daylights out of your carefully crafted creation, then don't put sweets inside it and just make it for keeps instead.


  • Emma K.
    I'd love to make one of those, but it looks very difficult!
  • Lynley O.
    I have friends who make their own all the time. I think that once you've done it once it gets easier!

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