Doctor! Doctor! I'm scared of you!

13 February 2011

scaredOfTheDoctor Have you ever been to the doctor's surgery and sat listening, in horror, to the SCREAMS of a child clearly being tormented, tortured or terrorised; or perhaps all three!?

Have you been the parent of the child SO distressed on arrival, waiting, seeing the doctor and departing their offices that you want to nominate yourself for the Worst Parent of the Year award?

It's horrible and the same can happen at the dentist too.

Here are some great tips from parents who've been there, seen it, vowed never to experience it again and came up some solutions.

If you've found a way to reduce the terror of visiting the doctor or dentist that worked for your child, please do share them with us.

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  • jack
    Imagine that the Doctor will need to do a prostate examination. That normally Calms most men down.

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