Celebaby: Snooki's Scooter

16 June 2012

I'm undecided as to whether Snooki's just having a laugh at the press' expense - her current love affair with riding around on a disability scooter rather than walking is being splashed all over various publications (there's clearly nothing more important going on in the world).

She has previously made a big thing about staying fit and healthy during her pregnancy so as not to pile in the pounds a'la Jessica Simpson, but it seems this has fallen a little by the wayside when it comes to walking.  Of course, what we don't know is whether this may be due to doctor's orders or if she's just messing around and seeing how much rubbish the press will print on the subject - if it's the latter, then the answer is LOTS!

In other bump news, there's no mistaking the fact that Drew Barrymore is preggars now; I absolutely LOVE that she's still not officially confirmed it to the media and that she's not hiding away either - she's just getting on with her life and if the paps want to snap her then...go on!

I wonder whether she'll just have the baby and not make any announcement about that either and will just be seen one day out-and-about pushing baby in a pram - I hope so!  Drew's stance and silence on this just makes her too cool in my book.


  • SlayerKat
    I have no idea who this person is but did suddenly occur to me she might be suffering from SPD. I had it in my first pregnancy and walking becomes impossibly painful towards the end. However if she does have it would be better to announce it rather they playing with the press.
  • LynleyOram
    I have no idea either! But if she does have SPD then she should take it seriously and talk about the issue for the benefit of all SPD sufferers out there. I'd hope any way. Rather than messing about with the press just so she can turn around later and say well I had a serious health issue so you're all big meanies.

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