Celebaby: Rock To The Rescue

18 December 2010

You're nine months preggars and your due date is either fast approaching or already passed; you're in the supermarket, waddling around doing the weekly grocery shop when all of a sudden your waters break!

chrisRockI tell you, that was one of my pregnancy nightmares and I'm happy to say that it never happened to me; my cousin's waters broke in a lift and lots of people ended up with wet feet, she said it was hideously embarrassing!

I wonder if it's not so bad then, or maybe it's worse, if your waters do happen to break in the supermarket causing a rather hunky male celebrity to come to your rescue, mop your brow and hold your hand until the paramedics arrive?

This is exactly what happened to a pregnant lady in the States last week - there she was minding her own business when the baby decided to get things going, causing her waters to break just feet away from Hollywood actor, comedian and film director Chris Rock!

An eyewitness told US Weekly, "He was making the crowd and the woman in labour laugh. She recognised who he was immediately and he stayed there until the paramedics took her away."

What a nice chap!

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