Celebaby: This May Just Put You Off Your Breakfast!

9 February 2013

Before I reveal this particular piece of baby news, in the interests of common decency and good manners, I feel I should issue a warning:

** If you're eating your breakfast, are having a snack, indulging in a spot of brunch, or are feeling in any way a little fragile in the stomach department this morning then DON'T carry on reading - for what I'm about to tell you, may just put you off whatever you're eating/have eaten **

Peter Stringfellow, of seedy strip club fame, has announced at the age of 72 that he's going to be a father again - his wife, Bella (aged 30), is expecting their first child together.

At a party, held at Stringfellows, earlier this week, Peter had this to say:

I am happy to announce, we just found out today, and I can think of no better place and friends to share it with, but we, and I mean the royal we, are pregnant. It's going to be an August baby

I don't know whether I can really pass comment on their 52-year age gap - my husband is 24 years older than me, oh what the hell - their gap is almost DOUBLE ours!  I cannot imagine being married to someone 42 years older than me! 42 years!!  Let alone having a baby with them - when that child is 10 years old, Peter will be 82!

Now I'm not for one minute assuming Mr Stringfellow isn't going to live to a ripe old age, but he's old enough to be that child's GREAT-grandfather, let alone grandfather or father.

Maybe I just have a 'thing' about Peter Stringfellow - he gives me the creeps; perhaps his private persona is vastly different from his slimey public one - and maybe I'm just being a little bit judgemental.

He already has two children from previous marriages: Karen, who's 50, and Scott, who's 46 - I wonder what they make of it all?!

What do YOU make of it all?!

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  • Joolzy
    Errrr, I make the age difference 42! ;-)

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