Celebaby: Is Lindsay Lohan REALLY pregnant?

3 April 2013

The media lit up yesterday with reports that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant! Now, we have to be a little careful because Monday was, after all, April Fool's Day and plenty of people have been known to ignore the 'before midday' rule (my husband included: he tried to convince me that Harvard had been included in the iconic Oxford and Cambridge boat race that took place the day before on 31 March. Novice - as my cousin rightly labelled him!).

Judging Lindsay on her spectacular run of making very poor choices, and demonstrating a complete lack of judgement, it may be safe to assume she'll show very little regard for April Fool's Day rules - let's face it, she has little regard for any others.

Anyway, all the fuss and drama has come from a tweet that Lindsay posted at 10.30pm PST - which is Pacific Standard Time and seven hours behind GMT, so...erm...hang on, I'll work it out in a minute...six hours behind British Summer Time time.

One can only hope she's just kidding because, seriously, Lindsay 'party girl' Lohan with a baby? If she's not then any posts about her pregnancy will have to be renamed 'Rehababy' - she's been sentenced to 90 days of rehab, after entering a plea of 'no contest' to charges that she lied to police about a car crash and driving, sometime last year.

In the meantime, and before she goes to whichever clinic she's going to go to, she's flown out to Brazil and been properly living it up! Hence some people suggesting that her tweet is nothing more than a prank.

But then again, they say that truth is stranger than fiction and with Lindsay Lohan it's certainly all gone a bit strange over the last few years.  I'll keep you posted!

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  • IndianaBlues
    Nothing to do with babies, Lindsey Lohan etc, but the US observe daylight savings too - their clocks went forward just like ours (even earlier in fact), so it remains a 7-hour difference. If that makes a difference...

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