Celebaby: Katie 'Godmother' Price

29 December 2011

So, you're about to have a baby and thinking about who's going to be a good role model for your child along with looking after them as their own if, god forbid, anything terrible should happen to you.

Who would you pick? I bet Katie Price wouldn't be anywhere on your list!

Well she is for best pal Michelle Heaton who's asked Jordan to be exactly that - godmother to her almost-here baby - and whilst I'm sure that behind closed doors Katie is fairly normal(ish if you can stretch your imagination that far) it's her public persona that's going to be hard to explain away along with a 'do as I say and not as I do' speech.

Katie is, of course, delighted by being asked to take on the role of godmother (I wonder if she knows she's going to have to accept the 'light of christ' in a church, if they're going for the full blown proper Christian service, rather than a naming ceremony or something similar) and immediately posted news of it on her Twitter page...

"I'm sooooo happy and over the moon that @wonderwomanshel and @hughhanley have asked me to be a godmother to there baby. Woo forever friends."

It's a good job  they didn't ask Katie to be the baby's spelling teacher too, otherwise the poor little chap or lass would be completely doomed when they arrive in the next four or so weeks.

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