Celebaby: Jordan On The Straight And Narrow

28 February 2010

princess-tiammii-jordan-straightens-hair_395So Jordan's on the straight and narrow!  No, not really, who am I kidding!  The only thing on the straight and narrow is her daughter's hair that went from beautifully curly to poker-straight overnight courtesey of GHDs, which were probably encrusted with diamonds, and Alex who's been put on a strict sperm-increasing diet and general fertility regime!

The hair-straightening debacle seems to have caused a bit of a storm as there are pictures of straight-haired Princess all over the internet and Pete is said to be absolutely LIVID!

Taken as an isolated incident then I'm on the fence as to whether this is such a h u g e deal - my mum curled my hair with curling tongs for a fancy dress party once....although I was more like five and not two at the time.  But with a wider context and all the make-up and false eyelashes and Jordan's 'knack' for going totally OTT you have to feel scared for the poor kid and wonder what's coming next...fake tan??!

cagefighter_alex_reid_2521148And as for the new baby campaign - well I never thought I'd feel sorry for Alex Reid, he really should have watched episodes of 'Katie and Peter' then he'd have known what he was letting himself in for.

Apparently they want a baby together and Katie is erm....how can I say this politely...'dedicated' to this new cause; Alex is said to be EXHAUSTED!  He's been put on a red, yellow and green food only diet as Mrs Reid believes this will boost his sperm count, she's also banned him from taking hot baths and using saunas and sunbeds so that the relevant bits don't overheat. Oh please!  She'll be keeping his underpants in the fridge next.

Maybe someone should drop Kaite a line and let her know that too much of the bedroom gymnastics can actually be counter-sperm-productive and as for you Alex - get some backbone man...if you're that tired you could always say NO (it always worked for me hur hur!).

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  • Zara
    I feel the same with the whole hair straightning buisness.. its not like she is doing it everyday and was just a curiousity thing because princess hair is so curly, i occasionally straighten parts of my 4 year olds hair when it's all over the place and we are going somewhere special to try and tame the wild bits, it's either that or just let her walk about with bits of hair sticking up all over the place (she has hair like me :-( ) But we live in a society today where every single thing we do is scrutinised and bitched about.

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