Celebaby: It Was Inevitable Really!

8 September 2012

It's all been kicking off this week between Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton (no change there then!) and no one will be surprised to learn that Chantelle has finally made the best decision and ended the relationship.

I don't have any affinity with her whatsoever, but even I was catching the stories making the news this week and willing her to kick Alex out - he was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of criminal damage and using violence to secure entry to their home.  I don't care how cross he was was, or what on earth provoked such a reaction but you do NOT behave that way when there's a baby in the house!

But, seriously, was their entire relationship anything but doomed to failure from the beginning? I doubt it - and what is the matter with these certain types of celebs (and normal Joe Blogs for that matter) who have seen the previous relationship of their new partner crash and burn for the most unsavoury reasons and think the same won't happen to them?!

Having been married to Katie Price and had their entire relationship splashed across magazines and aired on TV screen, surely no one in their right mind would think getting involved with Alex Reid was a good idea!  Would you?

Taking it a step up the celebrity ladder, let's look at Tom Cruise - very young in Risky Business, hot in Top Gun, not bad in Days of Thunder, then he started to go a bit weird.  Knowing what you know now and having been in a position to see his relationships and  marriages spectacularly fail, would YOU take him up on an offer of 'going out for a drink sometime?'

I'd run for the hills!  I don't care that Top Gun still does it for me, there are just some people you should just avoid getting involved with - Alex Reid, in my personal opinion, is one of them.

Taxi for Alex Reid - destination, oblivion and the back of beyond, PLEASE!

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