Celebaby: What To Expect When You're Expecting

10 December 2011

What to expect when you're expecting

If you're waiting for a 'Cameron Diaz is expecting' Celebaby story then I think you could be waiting a l-o-n-g time - she's always said she has no interest in having children and has stated, for the record, that she believes there are enough people on the planet already.

However, if you've ever wondered what she'd look like preggars, then you should go and see her new movie 'What to expect when you're expecting' - I've just watched the trailer and it looks quite amusing if you fall into any of the following categories:

  1. You want something to watch that doesn't require an IQ higher than that of an ameba
  2. You are expecting a baby (this puts you in category number one too; don't worry - I promise your IQ and sanity will come back eventually)
  3. You already have kids (this also puts you in category number one some of the time and I have no idea when our full IQs and sanity will be fully restored; people in category two...ignore this comment, everything will be fine, people in category three...STOP laughing at people in category two!)

Duchess of Cambridge holds her bag over her stomach - STOP THE PRESSES, again *yawn*

Did you see the pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge attending a Gary Barlow concert (wahooo!) at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this week?  Did YOU notice how she carried her little clutch bag so it covered her stomach?  Did YOU automatically think, "OHHHHH look! She's carrying her little clutch bag to cover her stomach!  THAT must mean she's pregnant!"

No, neither did I, it seems that this particular talent is reserved for tabloid journos; I wonder if they apply the same 'logic' to every single woman they see who carries anything which covers their stomach?

My goodness, if they do then half the female population must be up the duff!

Other snippets of baby news

Paris Jackson is said to have landed a role in a movie and managed to persuade her family that, at 13, she was old enough to join the ranks of the working celeb'.  Apparently her grandmother wanted her to be at least 18 before she launched into the world of working showbiz; Paris is said to have brought her grandmother round to the idea by saying it was 'a role that would have been close to her dad's heart' - smart kid who know how to play her cards just right to get what she wants!

Talking of female celebrities most unlikely to have children, I think we can add Kelly Rowland to that mix.  She's recently said that she'll give Beyonce a hand when her baby's here but will love handing her back too.

Sorry, she actually said, "...give it back," perhaps she's hoping everyone will forget that she inadvertently spilled the gender beans a few weeks ago.  Mind you, she says she does want kids at some point but I can't imagine her being a mum - she doesn't seem to have a maternal  bone in her body!

I'm not the most maternal mother who ever walked the planet, my children are NOT the sole focus of my existence, but my goodness Kelly Rowland makes me feel like an earth mother personified.

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