Celebaby: Eggs On Ice

31 August 2010

No, it's not the latest spin on celebrity Dancing on Ice! It's all about Jennifer Aniston and reports that claim she's had her eggs frozen.

Aniston on Ice

anistonj1So we all know that Jen' is desparate to be a mummy and reports from one of those 'close insiders' seem to suggest that she's not going to let age put a spanner in the maternal works!

At the 'grand old age' of 41 (I hope I look as good when I'm 41!), if the close insider is telling the truth, then Jennifer Aniston has had some of her eggs frozen to be used at a later date which, again according the this close 'pal', won't actually be too far in the future.

By all accounts there is a new man in Jen's life - and it's not John Mayer either, despite recent rumours - and he's not part of the Hollywood scene either.

Here's what the Aniston insider has to say...

She will be an amazing mother, Jen is incredible with children. For so many years she’s wanted to have children.

She’s financially positioned to bring kids into the world and provide them with an amazing life.

There’s definitely someone new in Jen’s life and he’s not a player in the superficial Hollywood scene. That’s all I can say.

I wonder if these 'insiders' really exist and whether Jen sits there wondering who on earth is dishing the dirt THIS time!

Can you imagine, if these are really 'close friends' who are spilling the beans to the papers etc! You'd have to think twice before telling anyone anything you REALLY didn't want the world to know and how would you know who you could truly trust?

I mean, whoever the culprits were/are, they're hardly going to tell you if you asked, "Hey was it you who told the media I'd had my eggs frozen?!" It's enough to make you glad you're not a celeb'!

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