Celebaby: Chantelle And Alex - They Haven't Split Up (Again) ACTUALLY! (Apparently)

24 May 2012

I wasn't going to write about Chantelle and Alex Reid again, but I can't help myself - I have a theory, you see, and I want to know if I'm being overly cynical.

In the press, and hinting at it in Chantelle's own column (I have no idea where this column lives, but it's certainly not in any of the publications I read - the day she writes for the Guardian, FT or the New Scientist will be the day I stop buying them, forever!), word is that she and Alex have split up.

Friends have been reported as saying she's had enough and moved back to her flat in Essex; Alex had apparently done something 'really bad' but Chantelle was keeping schtum as to what the 'really bad' thing was!

After donning enough 'armour' to protect me from mental scarring and trauma, I plucked up the courage to visit Chantelle's Twitter page (talk about going above and beyond the call of duty, I'm seriously considering putting in a request for 'danger money' to stray into that territory!).

Well I was quite stunned - there were lots of posts from random Joes and Joannes Bloggs who were begging for confirmation as to whether the latest reports of their latest split were true!  When tweets were posted from Alex and Chantelle confirming that they hadn't split up and that Chantelle hadn't moved out (although she had gone to stay at the flat for a week) and were still 'very much in love', the Joes and Joannes then posted PHEWS! of relief!

And all this amid requests to the press leave them alone and let them have a private life. But WAIT, Joe and Joanne, if that happened then you wouldn't be able to follow their every move on a daily basis, THEN what would you do?!

I don't know, it's all a bit weird for me; anyway - about my theory...

Reports of splits, that aren't really splits, are being 'leaked' to the press to keep them in the public eye until the baby is born - let's face it, after the initial pregnancy news, there's not really much else to tell is there: Chantelle's three months preggars now - big deal.  She's five months gone now - still no big deal.

THEN we'll have the baby announcement, followed by the obligatory z-list glossy spread in OK! magazine reporting how they've never been happier or looked more in love.  Then will come the reality TV show which involved them selling their souls to the devil and by Christmas the Joes and Joannes who frequent their Twitter pages will have watched the demise and acrimonious end to their relationship in glorious high definition.

What do you reckon?  Have I got a second career in fortune telling ahead of me or am I just an old cynic?

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  • PFC H.
    Good God, with those two as parents they'll have the most needy, attention and publicity seeking child ever! Bit of a stretch to call it a 'Celebaby' based on those two Z-Listers

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