Celebaby: Buzz Cody Skinner

26 June 2012

I like to think I have my finger on most pulses, most of the time, but the fact that Frank Skinner was to become, and now is, a dad has completely eluded me!  OR, if I did know...I completely forgot all about the Skinner family and their impending arrival.

I had no clue his long-term partner, Cathy Mason, was pregnant and no clue that the baby arrived in the world one month ago; it was either kept very quiet, with no fuss made, or I took my eye off the ball.

Frank is 55 and Buzz Cody is his first child. Buzz...would you?  Really? I suppose it could have been much worse (although I'm stuggling to think how) and Frank explained the names chosen for his son during  radio interview recently...

"Now I know celebrity types get condemned for giving their babies unusual names.  So this is the name that I went for.  He's called Buzz B-U-Z-Z.  If you're my age, obviously he's after Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon.  For you youngsters listening, yes, it's that puppet from Toy Story."

His middle name, Cody, is after Buffalo Bill whose middle name was Cody - well at least he didn't decide to use Buffalo as a first name, that really would  have been in the prize running for the Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Name 2012 awards.

But, even so, Buzz? I don't think your son's going to thank you for that in years to come, Frank.

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