Celebaby: A Bump For Caprice

4 May 2013

Did you know that Caprice, of underwear modelling fame, is preggars?  I didn't.  According to a statement made by her 'people', she's between four and five months gone.

She's 41 now, looking rather awesome for 41 - mind you, you can never be sure how much of that is down to good old Photoshop and knowing how to hide behind good makeup.  OR, she could just look awesome; simple as.

Anyway, she's expecting her first baby with her long-term boyfriend, Ty Comfort (what a great name!).  She'd always had a dream of having five children by the time she was 38, and has, obviously, had to admit defeat with that one, but she says she'd still like at least two.

She also said, "I've worked really hard within the business and the challenge of having children is what I'd like to do next. I am very determined but I think at my age kids are what I should do next."

Well okay then, let's see how you do!


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