Celebaby: Baby North West Gets A Lavish 1st Birthday Bash

1 July 2014

Image credit: Twitter/Kanye West
Image credit: Twitter/Kanye West

So have you heard all about baby North West's first birthday party?

Our invitation must have got lost in the post, but the tot was treated to a lavish festival style bash in celebration of her big day.

Hello magazine reports:

"Baby North West may only be one year old, but she is already following in mum Kim Kardashian's fashionable footsteps. The adorable youngster looked the part at her festival-themed birthday celebration, dubbed "Kidchella'" by the family." 

"Amidst the Ferris wheel, swimming pool and bouncy castle, North channelled festival chic in a fringed outfit chosen by her mum." 

"Kim gave fans a first glimpse of her daughter's birthday outfit on Twitter, in an image showing family and friends gathered around North's rainbow birthday cake. Parents Kanye West and Kim are firmly focused on their little girl, who appears to be taking in her surroundings. "Our baby girl's 1st birthday!" Kim captioned the snap."

Now I don't know about you, but I'm going to hold my hands up and admit that I went a little overboard for my firstborn's first birthday. We hired a function room, invited tons of people, laid on a pretty lavish buffet and even had people giving speeches. And I'm glad we did - it's one of the most vivid and happiest memories I have, and the photos are really precious to me. But yes, it was probably a little OTT.

So I reckon if I was a celeb, with an unlimited budget to blow on a birthday party, I'd probably push the boat out too.

What about you? Did you go mad for your first baby's first birthday bash, or do you think it's completely bonkers to throw an elaborate party for a child who is too young to understand what a birthday is, never mind remember it in years to come?

And tell me, did any of you go in for the new trend of baking or buying a 'smash cake' for your baby's first birthday, which exists for the sole purpose of watching (and photographing) your baby go completely berserk as they try to bury their face in it / swallow it whole / smash it to pieces?!

What do you think?

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