5 Tips For Starting A Party Plan (Guest Post)

23 June 2010


Today's guest post comes to you from the pen of Helen, owner of the businessplusbaby website. Helen is going to share her thoughts on "Party Plan" schemes which might make you some extra pocket money.

A party plan is a good way of earning some extra cash and you can usually get some products at a discounted rate, too.

What is a party plan?

The party plan is a method of marketing products by hosting a social event, using the event to display and demonstrate the product or products to those gathered, and then to take orders for the products before the gathering ends... [Source]

I am sure you have heard of Ann Summers parties, Virgin Vie parties and even Tupperware parties!

It usually costs less than £100 to get started and you can run a party as soon as your kit arrives, so you can start earning straight away. The company you work for will provide brochures, posters and invitations for you. Plus you can work hours that fit around your family.

Here are five tips to help you get started as a party plan representative.


1. Make sure you love the product

It’s an uphill struggle selling something if you don’t totally believe in it.

There are many party plan companies out there, some well-known and others less so. Take some time to explore the different products to find one you really love. Check out Family Friendly Working’s Directory.

2. What do you want from the party plan?

If you’re looking for £30 here and there to top up the family budget, then running a party from time to time will usually do the trick. But if you’re looking to get a regular income (say to replace a job), then you’ll need to be more organised and put in much more effort.


3. Check the details

Party plan companies work in different ways, so make sure you read their terms and conditions carefully.  Things to look out for include:

  • Are you committed to meeting any targets?
  • What are the costs, for example do you have to buy your own catalogues and pay for postage?
  • What percentage commission will you earn? Will this increase if you hit a target? How easy will it be to hit that target?
  • Grab a piece of paper and work out roughly how much you’re likely to take home from each party – are you happy with that amount?
  • How experienced is your team leader? How much help and advice will they give you?

Most party plans are from reputable companies but be careful as there are a few scams out there. Check out the Direct Selling Association and Business Opportunity Watch for more information.

4. How many other people are selling this product in your area?


It’s easier to get party bookings if people haven’t already been approached by three other reps working for the same company as you.

Your party plan company may be able to tell you how many reps they already have in your area, but that won’t tell you how active those reps are. For example, if a local rep only does parties on the run up to Christmas to earn some extra cash, then that’s not likely to be a problem for you. If there are already three reps doing several parties a month, then you’d be better off selling a different product.

Have a look at the places you might find a rep – check school notice boards and fetes, ask around your friends to see if anyone has heard of parties by that company in your area.

5. And if party plans aren’t your cup of tea…

Party plans are an easy, low-risk way of starting a business, but they aren’t for everyone. The good news is that there are many other flexible small businesses you can run from home.


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  • Emma K.
    My sister does Ann Summers parties and makes quite a bit of pocket money from those. They do kind of impinge on her social life though, in that people usually want the parties on Friday and Saturday nights :) Thanks for the article Helen!

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