Scottish Independence: What Does It Mean For Parents?

scottish independence

Tomorrow is a MASSIVE day for the entire United Kingdom. As if you didn't know, Scotland will be holding their referendum vote for Independence. It's a scary prospect for many, regardless of the result. Today we bring you a family who are split with their views on how they think Scottish Independence will impact on their family life.

For the sake of anonymity, we shall call them Mrs No and Mr Yes. Here's what they had to say on the matter from a parents point of view:

Mrs No: I am actually a Mrs No Way! I think the independence of Scotland will be robbing my children of the British way of life that they know. I was educated in both Scotland and England, and from my experience and what I know of the education system, Scotland has it so much better. Not just for education, but for healthcare. For a start, we get FREE prescriptions and our hospitals, in my experience are better than those I was cared for in England.

Mr Yes: As a parent who is an ex British soldier and currently working in Oil & Gas, I am a FIRM MR YES! For me it is not a risk, I believe that Scotland can sustain and even flourish as an independent country. Which has to be better for my children. I too have lived in other parts of the UK, and agree with you that we have things a lot better in Scotland. There is no reason to say that things would decline, if the vote goes Yes.

Mrs No: It has been insinuated to me that I am not a good parent for wishing to vote No, but for me I will never take an uncalculated risk on the future of my children and my family. The thought of an independent Scotland frightens me to the core, what will happen to schools? What will happen to FREE University tuition? Will my children grow up not knowing what it's like to have the benefits we have in Scotland, as part of the United Kingdom? There's too many things that can go wrong for me, a no vote is a vote to preserve my family's way of life.

Mr Yes: As things stand at the moment, I strongly feel that the standards of family living in Scotland is on a very steep decline. We now have the chance to turn that around. With the cost of living increasing everyday, we stand to lose everything you have mentioned anyway under the present Government. In an independent Scotland, the plan is that the Scottish Government will help pay towards childcare, regardless of income.

Mrs No: Can you assure me that taxes won't rise to compensate for these childcare grants? Will this mean I pay more council tax, will my shopping bill be hefty due to VAT? Will I be able to afford my mortgage? Surely, the money has to come from somewhere?

Mr Yes: Glad you mentioned that. With Government grants to assist with childcare costs, more parents will be able to work therefore more income tax revenues are generated. This should have no affect on the general cost of living.

Mrs No: Okay, so can the NHS survive in an independent Scotland? Why can't we stay in the United Kingdom? Why can't we just request a LOUDER voice in Westminster? Where will it end? I feel that Scotland is basing a massive amount of this on the Braveheart mentality and on the basis of the current ruling of the Tory Government.  I know that the Conservative party aren't voted for up here, but they aren't liked in the North of England either, should they vote for independence too, on the understanding that they haven't got their own way either? Will this be the utter ruin of the United Kingdom? What about the poor people in the rest of Britain? Their lives will be impacted by Scotland's decision.

Mr Yes: I feel that the NHS has a much HIGHER chance of surviving in an independent Scotland, as the current UK Government are trying to privatise the NHS. As for the Braveheart mentality claim, I find this very offensive. For the first time in my life, I have witnessed the people of Scotland becoming passionate. and very outspoken in their beliefs. I guarantee we are not the only household having this discussion now and that makes me extremely proud. As for the rest of the UK, they have had two years to express their opinions, but now all I can see is panic from the Labour party, who know, that if they lose the vote in Scotland that they will never run the UK again.

Mrs No: The world is rife with war and terrorism. What defences will we have? I want my fellow British people to stand by us if we come under threat. An independent Scotland to me will be seen as an easy target. For me, my children HAVE to grow up in a safe place. I can't risk that at all and vote YES.

Mr Yes: There is no reason, why Scotland cannot be a member of NATO and the United Nations.

Mrs No: Actually, I read that NATO wouldn't be an option due to the 500 million pounds that Scotland would have to fork out.

Mr Yes: From a strategic point of view, there is no way that NATO would have a nation in it's centre, not under it's protection.

Mrs No: I am Scottish but I am every bit as British. My children too, are British, they always will be. The Union Jack is our flag, I don't want to lose that. It's a status for us, as a nation to be strong and proud. Staying together is a great example to set the children, that we work through the hard times and we don't divorce because one party isn't getting their own way?

Mr Yes: But surely, we should be teaching our children that we can stand up to bullies, and are able to stand on our own two feet. Westminster are continuing to cut the budget for Scotland, and are adopting bullying tactics to try to persuade people to vote no.

And on that note, the discussion got rather heated and ended.

Just to clarify, these opinions are not of Playpennies but of Mr Yes and Mrs No, both residents of Scotland. Don't be shy let us know how you think your family will be affected.

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