Kimberley Walsh: Breastfeeding Isn't Easy...

Kimberley Walsh
It's not every day that you hear a famous mum talk candidly about the less-than-glamorous side of new motherhood, but that's exactly what Kimberley Walsh (who gave birth to baby Bobby last month) has done, and we think she's pretty fabulous for doing so.

In an interview with OK! magazine, Kimberley said:

'I always thought breast-feeding would be the easiest thing in the world.'

'It's only when you speak to other people who tell you they found it painful and hard that you realise it's not just you.'

'More often than not it doesn't come naturally to either you or your baby. It can be quite distressing when it's not working, but we've definitely cracked it now and it continually gets easier and easier.'

'Bobby's putting on a good amount of weight each week now so we're on the right track which is a real relief.'

Now maybe I'm alone in this, but all three of my children were breastfed until they weaned themselves and yet this is the first time I've really heard anyone (other than my friends) acknowledge that breastfeeding isn't always easy or - dare I say - painless.

When I was in the grip of that eye-watering stage of adjusting to nursing a new baby, I feel like I constantly read the same useless nugget of information; that breastfeeding shouldn't hurt if you're doing it properly.

I don't know who came up with that silly sentence, or why it seems to be so prevalent in so much literature about breastfeeding, but all it served to do was persuade me that I must be doing something wrong. And the one thing you don't need when you're sore and sleep-deprived is to feel like a failure, too.

I've since reached the conclusion that I was doing just fine, thanks - three breastfed babies turned into perfectly healthy little people, after all - but that the prevailing 'wisdom' about what breastfeeding is really like needs a serious overhaul.

So - good on Kimberley for telling it how it is when it comes to breastfeeding, and for persevering through the pain. In the end, I'm glad I persisted with breastfeeding my three babies, and I definitely think it was worth the struggle of those early weeks with each new baby. I just wish someone like Kimberley had been around to help me feel more normal at the time...

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