Jennifer Ellison Tells OK! Magazine About The Moment Her Son Stopped Breathing

Jennifer Ellison

In a touching interview with OK! magazine, actress and mum of three Jennifer Ellison relives the moment when her newborn baby boy stopped breathing.

Little Charlie is Jennifer's third son with her husband Rob Tickle - the couple have four-year-old Bobby and 15-month-old Harry, and Jennifer says she has no plans for any more children but is stopping at three before she ends up with a football team!

Baby Charlie was in his mother's arms when the heart-stopping moment happened.

OK reports:

'He started choking and then he turned blue,' Jennifer recalled. 

'It was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. I thought he was dead. The whole thing went on for about ten minutes but it felt like hours.'

I've never experienced anything like this, although one of my children did suffer a febrile seizure when he was a toddler and we were whisked off to hospital in an ambulance. Like Jennifer, I feared the worst and will never forget the awfulness of that feeling. Or the absolute elation when a consultant gave us the all-clear and permission to go home!

So glad to hear that Jennifer's little one is fighting fit too.

Congratulations on the new arrival!

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