Have Your Gmail/Yahoo Email Account Details Been Stolen?

Have Your Email Account Details Been Stolen?

Holy (I would swear but we keep it clean here at PlayPennies) Moly! We have just been reading reports that more than 270 million email accounts with the likes of Google and Yahoo, held across the globe, have been hacked. Some of which have had their passwords changed, so if you can't get into yours, that's why.

What has happened is that millions of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo email account holders have had their data stored in one of the biggest databases of stolen information ever to have been found. Scary stuff!

The discovery was made by Hold Security, after a teenage Russian Hacker couldn't help but boast online, about the fact he had access to the millions of stolen details.

What to do if you think you have been hacked? Change your password now. In fact, it's not a bad habit to change it regularly anyway. When you do choose something, make it as difficult to guess as possible. That means don't use the likes of 'password123' etc. Don't pick the same password as you use for everything else either, as that then poses a big risk should anyone get into your account.

The risk is that should your email password be obtained, the information gathered from your emails can be used to log in to other things.

Apparently most users of Mail.ru, have had their account details stolen. Mail.ru are the biggest Russian email account provider. This is aswell as around 40 million of Yahoo credentials, 33 million of Hotmail and 24 million from Gmail accounts.

I have Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo email accounts so I am off to change all three passwords NOW!

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