Celebaby: New Year Bits And Pieces

12 January 2012

Today's Celebaby is a mish-mash of a few bits and pieces featuring, briefly, Beyonce's baby get-away, Billie Piper's baby gender announcement and Ben Foden goes baby shopping.


If you were wondering what the press were going to do with themselves now that Beyonce and Jay Z's baby has arrived, now we know - they're going to be rushing around trying to be the first ones to get a picture of Blue Ivy Carter, that's what they're going to be doing.

They didn't manage to catch her departure from hospital though - their plans were scuppered by a 'secret' dash for it at 1.30am in the morning in a Mercedes van (well, come on, it looks like a van to me!) that Beyonce has had customised to the tune of $1 million.

It's also been reported that the hospital undertook some serious renovations/remodelling at the request, and expense, of both Beyonce and Jay Z - apparently, according to one of those useful sources, eight rooms were knocked through and turned into a suite just for them including a bullet proof door (not too paranoid and over the top then!).

The other bits...

Billie Piper and her husband, Laurence Fox, have announced they're expecting another boy - they already have a three-year-old son (Winston) and are said to be over the moon that there's a little brother for him on the way.

In one of the funniest newspaper reports I've read in a while - when I say funny, I mean funny in an 'oh please' kind of way - Una Healy and Ben Foden were 'spotted' out shopping for baby things, I say 'spotted' because Una had tweeted earlier in the day that that's what they were going to do.

Mamas and Papas was dubbed as the 'celebrity baby shop of choice' and Ben 'gallantly' carried the bags...erm, there were only two and they really didn't look that heavy!  THEN, staff were photographed carrying a cot to Ben's car - the cot looked huge and the car's boot was barely big enough to take those two bags that Ben gallantly carried.

Anyone would think they were the first people to go shopping at M&P where the man carrried the bags.

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