Celebaby: Will Peter Andre Pay The Price?

5 October 2010


How's THAT for a cheesy headline!

Price v Andre

"Roll up, ROLL UP! Grab your tickets now ladies and gentleman for the next big 'sleb divorce! It's Kadie v Pedder - so whilst you're at it you might want to place your bets!"

Divorce is horrible even if you utterly loathe the mere mention of the name of your soon-to-be ex-husband or wife, but imagine doing it with a ton of journos and papparazos all wanting a piece of the action.

I can only imagine that Katie will be loving all the attention - there's no such thing as bad publicity after all - but I'm not so sure about Peter Andre, who despite being a bit wimpy for my taste, seems like he's probably quite a nice chap.

It's going to be a battle royale though, that's for sure, with them both taking to the stands to testify and dish the dirt on what caused the breakdown of their marriage.

Ohhhh to be a fly on the wall hey, but you can't because family courts are closed - although...I wonder how many of those really useful 'close sources' will be in court texting and tweeting the latest breaking revelations to their contacts at all the red top papers?

Cynical?! ME!!? Noooo.

There are no winners when it comes down it - and with all the media furore that will surround the proceedings, which are set to start on Thursday, I wonder how many of them will spare a thought for the kids who are caught up in the middle of it all?

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  • Gate G.
    Cheesier than a cheesy thing that's really really cheesy! Ha ha love it!
  • Sarah K.
    HAHA!! I put my best cheesy journo' hat on for this one ;)

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