Celebaby: Tiny Feet at No.10 and Goldie 'Granny' Hawn

24 March 2010

In today's Celebaby we'll have a look-see at the exciting news announced that the pitter-patter of tiny feet nay grace 10 Downing Street again and Goldie Hawn's reaction on becoming a grandmother again.

Baby News at No.10

Samantha-Cameron-002I sit here and wonder which is the harder job?  Being Prime Minister of the country or becoming a parent again?  OH hang on, I know!  Becoming a parent again AND trying to convince the country that you're the best man for the top job (although WHY anyone would want that job is beyond me and the pay's not THAT great either, considering all the agro that goes with it!)

David Cameron, leader of the current opposition party, and his wife Samantha announced earlier this week that they are expecting a new baby in September this year.

They are said to be 'over the moon' and when asked recently about his views on over-population in the UK, Mr Cameron said, "I don't believe Britain is overpopulated. I don't have any plans to reduce it.  I would quite like to add to it, personally, by quite possibly one, at some stage in the future."

Looks like that's one promise he's made good on then...now for the rest!

Granny Goldie

oliver-hudson-240Mind you, Goldie Hawn looks SO fabulous perhaps I should call her Golden Granny!

Goldie Hawn became a grandmother again on Friday 19 March when her son, Oliver, and his wife, Erinn Bartlett, saw the arrival of their new son.

Goldie became the next celebrity grandparent to announce the birth of a grandchild on Twitter - Jim Carey did the very same thing earlier this month - by posting this message on her Twitter account...

“Hurray! Baby BOY born to my son Oliver and his beautiful wife Erinn TODAY.  So happy! A new life! I’m Dancin my happy dance!”

She's hiding her excitement well I know, but I think we can safely say she's more than a little bit chuffed!

Congrats to everyone from all of us here at PlayPennies - there's nothing quite like happy baby news to cheer us up on a Wednesday.

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