Celebaby: Stacey Solomon Didn't Get The No Smoking When Preggars Memo

6 March 2012

I'm (usually) a tolerant person; each to their own with most things but there are few things that really make me blood boil as much as seeing a pregnant woman smoking!

I'm going to do my best not to start ranting, but I'm making no promises...

Smoking when pregnant is BAD, there's no arguing on that point yet some women still do it.  Yes, I know people will argue that the stress of not smoking is far worse than puffing on a few fags a day;  sorry, that's a terrible excuse and I have to ask - if that person's baby was on the outside would they give it a cigarette to smoke, or blow smoke in their face?  Surely, if it's okay on the inside then it'll be okay on the outside, right?

I didn't think so, and if there are people who would blow smoke in babies faces...no, let's not go there.

Stacey Solomon - who  has massively gone down in my 'celebs I quite like' rating now - has been papped this week smoking cigarettes at seven months pregnant.

Her publicist, the 'lovely' Max Clifford (says it all!), has told the Daily Mail, "Stacey has been smoking one or two cigarettes a day but she is desperately trying to quit and she is very embarrassed about it all. She's going to be trying electronic cigarettes and she knows it's bad but the stress of having a baby and all her work commitments have been difficult."

Stacey has told The People newspaper, "I know it doesn't look good but I only have a few cigs a day."

Frozen food store, Iceland, (Stacey is their current 'face') have said that she hasn't let her fans down - well, whilst I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a fan, I will say I feel let down!

Stacey is a young mum and other young mums who look up to her may well just follow suit, 'If Stacey's doctor says it was okay for her to smoke because the stress of giving up would be far worse, then it's okay for me!'

Sorry, as far as I'm concerned smoking whilst pregnant is irresponsible and selfish; if you're preggars and stressed go and do something relaxing (manicure or something else that will keep your hands busy) but don't nip out and blow smoke into your unborn baby's lungs; discuss!

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  • uccalms
    I agree completely. This is very unfair on the baby as it had no choice but forced to inhale cigarette smoke. I tut at people who smoke in front of me while I push my buggy behind and I always overtake them or go another route when I can. If her life is so stressful, I would recommend her not to have a baby to add on the stress.

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