Celebaby: Simon Cowell Reneges On The Hands-Off Parenting Thing

21 June 2014

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So remember how Simon Cowell swore blind that he wouldn't be a hands-on dad? And all that posturing before little Eric was born about how he wouldn't be the type of father to change nappies?

Well, pffft... we give you Exhibit A - proof positive that even A-list dads can experience a complete about-turn when presented with their very own little bundle of joy.

Hello magazine reports:

"Simon Cowell may have initially said that he wouldn't get involved with some parental duties, but the new father is continuing to prove that he's a hands-on dad."

"On Thursday the 54-year-old posted a photo of himself and baby Eric with the caption 'Bath time!'"

"Simon was spending a family night in watching England's World Cup game against Uruguay and he also posted a photo of his dogs Squiddly and Diddly lying on his bed."

It's a pretty cute pic, and we're glad to see that even Cowell can have his heart melted by his mini-me.

And what about you? Did anyone in your family find themselves doing a 360 on their parenting style after making some big pronouncement about what kind of parent they would be, only to find that the arrival of their little ones changed their hearts and minds completely?

 I reckon it's only a matter of months before we see Simon tweeting snaps of himself on nappy duty...

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