Celebaby: Another Rooney Boy Baby

22 December 2012

Yesterday, Coleen Rooney announced on Twitter (where else?!) that she and Wayne are expecting another boy, so she's on her way to having her very own football team now, just another, erm, however many players there are in a football team!  You'll have to excuse me, I'm a rugby union girl, I have no idea how many guys make up a girly-ball squad.

I still can't actually believe that they've only got one son, Kai, and that's he's only three years old!  He seems to have been around forever and until pregnancy number two was announced a little while ago, I was of the opinion that the Rooneys numbered more than just three.

Well, as of around May time, three will become four and now we all know     know that he is a he, we can all start playing the baby name guessing game - hurrah, WHAT fun! - and with Kai as our only moniker benchmark, we can guess as wild and whacky as we wish!

(Oooh, Jules Oliver just popped into my head - I have no idea where she came from, perhaps it was the wild and wacky names - there were rumours around not too long ago that Oliver baby number five might not be too far away; I wonder if there'll be a New Year's baby-on-the-way announcement from them?!)

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