Celebaby: Peter Andre Buys Fiancee Eternity Ring... But Is It A Push Present?

31 July 2014

Peter Andre eternity ring

Have you ever heard of a 'push' present? I hadn't, until my husband surprised me with a gift after I gave birth to our first baby, and a friend of mine described it as a push present - a gift bestowed on a new mum by her partner as some sort of thank you for bringing a baby into the world.

My push present was decidedly less glam than the average celebrity mum's though - a gorgeous pair of leather knee-high boots which I tried on when I was pregnant but, depressingly, couldn't zip up over my puffy pregnant ankles! I was delighted with my pressie and my husband scored major brownie points for the thoughtful gift, but personally I hate thinking of it as a 'push' present - I didn't need a gift-wrapped incentive to give birth to our baby, and while being spoiled a little bit after enduring labour is lovely, the idea of 'earning' a gift because you've given birth just kinda creeps me out a bit.

Anyway, I wonder if new mum Emily MacDonagh thinks of the eternity ring which fiancé Peter Andre recently gave her as a push present?!

Emily and Peter welcomed baby Amelia into the world six months ago, and Peter surprised his baby mama with the blinging gift for their wedding anniversary.

Peter took to Twitter to show off the sparkler, writing:

"Wanted to show you ems belated anniversary present. Eternity ring :))))"


So what about you? Did you get a 'push' present from your other half after giving birth?!

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  • barhorne
    He might just have wanted to buy her a present to show he cared! What creeps me out a bit is people who spoil nice acts of kindness and always labelling things nowadays. I don't agree with your article at all!
  • HannahC84
    When did they get married?! I thought it was odd getting an eternity ring when they hadn't even managed the wedding yet?!

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