Celebaby: Have Passport Will Travel

8 October 2011

It looks as if Harper Beckham will be travelling out of the States sometime soon.

David and Victoria took her to get an American passport at the Wilshire Federal Building in Los Angeles a couple of days ago; apparently, because she was born in America she's required to hold an American passport and both parents have to be in attendance for one to be issued.

Reports say that security was very tight, for the Beckham's visit, with armed Federal Guards keeping watch outside.

This statement has caused much amusement for some Americans who say that security is ALWAYS like that at Federal buildings and that it wasn't laid on especially for Posh and Becks.

David has also had 'Love' tattooed on his left hand.

When I first read this I had an instant image of L. O. V. E inked across his knuckles a'la the home-made tattooes that were all the rage in certain circles a long time ago, you know - L. O. V. E on one set of knuckles and H. A. T. E on the other; classy.

But it's not that, it's just LOVE in a swirly typeface.

He can't have much space left for ink on his upper body; that'll be good news for Beckham body fans if it means he gets more on his lower body and flashes more flesh so everyone can see them!

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