Celebaby: Model Mums

27 May 2010

Just to make all of us mere mortal mums feel inadequate, today's Celebaby features the model mums  (well at least that's what they do for a living, I can't comment on their parenting skills obviously)  Claudia Schiffer and Gisele Bunchen.

All the Cs

claudia So the lovely Claudia gave birth to her new baby daughter a couple of weeks ago on May 14th, but since then all the excitement and speculation has been on what monika this little girly was going to be given!

The sensible money was on her name beginning with a C - after all there's Claudia (aged 39 - how does she still look like she did 15 years ago!)  then Caspar (aged 7) and Clementine (aged 5) and if you didn't know, no her husband's name doesn't begin with a C; she's married to film director Matthew Vaughn.

But the name was finally revealed yesterday: Cosima Violet Vaughn Drummond.

I have no idea where the Drummond bit fits in to all of this and I wonder if her name will get shortened to Cosi'?  That'll be fun when everyone's getting ready to go swimming...."Have you got your cosi, Cosi?" *grin*

But seriously now, Cosima comes from the Greek word Kosmos which means order or decency and I must confess, I think it's rather pretty.

From all of us here at PlayPennies HQ - congrats Claudia and welcome to the world Cosima!

3 months later...

293.bundchen.gisele.vogue.lc.031510I know what I looked like three months after each of my pregnancies and it wasn't pretty, well the word pretty could be used but only in conjunction with the word horrendous.

Gisele Bundchen, however, only needs to have the word amazing tacked on to the end of pretty!  She's been photographed for Vogue with 3-month-old son Daniel wearing just a little tiny pair of shorts, and a little top and looking utterly fantastic.

Just to rub salt in to the stretch marks (she doesn't appear to have any of those either and I'm telling myself that because of my good friend Photoshop) the birth was supposedly painless, she was up and about being super-busy and cooking the very next day (yeah, well I did THAT!) and despite putting on 30lbs whilst up the duff, she got her pre-preggo figure back almost straight away!

If she and Daniel didn't look so cute in this photo I think I might just have to stick it up on the wall and throw darts at it *sigh*

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